Moncur Gallery | Manitoba History
The Moncur Gallery is located in Boissevain, Manitoba. It hosts a variety of displays, fascinating original paintings, models of archaeological work, a map of the area during the time of transition from First nation to European dominance.
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Manitoba History


rchaeologists over the last century have uncovered an articulate unwritten account of Manitoba’s heritage in the form of ancient First Nation’s peoples’ artifacts and settlements. This record reveals a 12,000 year story of First Nations migration, survival and success in a challenging and sometimes hostile environment. This is a cultural tradition that continues to influence and enrich the lives of present day Manitobans. The Moncur Gallery is home to artifacts that span the full range of these periods in human history and is a valuable resource from which the visitor can gain insight into the existence of Canada’s first people.


The major developments of this long time span include:

  • The coming of the first peoples, the big game hunters of the Palaeo-Indian period.
  • The spread of Archaic traditions, which developed specialized and distinctive technologies.
  • The major accomplishments of the Woodland cultures, which supplemented dependence on bison and other wild resources with domesticated plants and developed long distance trading contacts, art works, and complex ceremonial traditions.


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